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2020-01-17 - Engine Casting Number - L28

Nissan 280z 1977
Hi, this is Rod, team captain for the Flyin' Hawaiians & 2 White Guys Car #82. We damaged our motor at Auto Club in November and I've replaced the motor with another L28. This motor has different casting numbers on it. I can tell from those numbers that this motor is from a 1980 280zx. I'm just using the block and head. Do I now have to claim a motor swap?

The difference between the 1977 L28 engine and the 1980 L28E engine was in fuel injection and flat vs dished pistons. The different pistons (Both) produce a compression ratio of 8.3:1. Net HP in 1977 was 136 while net HP in 1980 was 135. In 1981-1983 the cylinder head was changed to increase compression to 8.8:1 and power moved up slightly (145hp).

So long as you use the 1977 induction system on the 1980 long block, there will be no points for its use.

Michael Chisek
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