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The tech desk is used to ask technical questions and is not to be used as a post race tech line or to phish for how others built their cars.
Please reference the BCCR as most questions submitted to the TechDesk can be answered by reading the BCCR.
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2020-03-20 - Cage Backstay Question

Hi. Looking at a Mini Cooper this weekend that appears to have a somewhat unusual rear stay mounting for the main hoop. They tie into inner rear wheel wells just above the floor with a cross tube. Is this acceptable? The x-brace also connects from the end of the rear stays to the middle of the main hoop. From photos I received from the owner, the front section of the cage, door bars on each side and dash bar seem normal and ChampCar compliant.
Cage Backstay Image

If the underlying structure is strong, it looks good from the pictures and we don't have a problem with the Backstays running to the shock towers.
There are additional bars in the image that will incur additional points.  (The horizontal bar between the shock towers)
Strut Bar

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