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2020-01-30 - Non-OE Cylinder Heads

Car: 1986 Ford Mustang LX with 5.0 V8

Per 2020 BCCR: "Cylinder head(s), non-OE and/or non-matching to your specific engine claimed. 100 pts per engine."

* Does this rule mean installing GT40P heads from a 1997 Mercury Mountaineer incurs the 100 point penalty?
* Does this rule also permit aftermarket aluminum heads in place of cast iron for 100 points?

The 1986 5.0L Mustang was never offered with GT40 heads. The GT40 head made its debut in the 1993 Cobra and was offered on the following vehicles:

1993-1995 Mustang Cobra - Part #F3ZE or #F4ZE
1996-Mid 1997 Ford Explorer & Mountaineer SUV - Part #F1ZE-AA
1993-1995 Ford F-150 Lightning - Part #F3ZE or #F4ZE

A GT40 head on any LX or GT Fox body Mustang would incur 100 points for non-stock cylinder heads.

However, you can use any aftermarket cylinder head for the same 100 points. Trick Flow, Fox Lake, Edelbrock, etc.


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