VPI Swap Calculator

Use this formula ONLY for engine swapped race cars.


  1. Enter your original HP and new HP. Formula will output swap points to add to your VPI.
  2. Engine swaps include stock long block, stock exhaust manifolds, motor mounts, starter, ECU and wiring. Any custom adapters required to fit engine are included, but not optional items (i.e. headers). If in doubt, email tech@champcar.org.
  3. Maximum swap cost is $2500 (Engine and adapters).
  4. Tech reserves the right to override formula.
  5. BCCR 4.5.6. Vehicles must use the highest valued model from its generation.

The ChampCar engine swap rule for 2017 and beyond is based on an exponential formula in conjunction with a few rules and conditions. To use the formula, you need to know the horsepower of your vehicle's original engine and the horsepower of the engine you plan to install. Use Edmunds.com to find these values. The formula output will tell you how many points the swap will add to your VPI. All swaps will incur a minimum of 50 points (the formula below automatically adds the 50-point swap fee), even if there was no increase in horsepower. As you approach the limit of allowed horsepower to be added, the points will go up rapidly. Choose your engine wisely, as an extra 5 horsepower may not be as valuable as 50 points in suspension modifications!

Horsepower reference for most models can be found at - www.Edmunds.com OR www.automobile-catalog.com. Fill in your info, click features and specifications, ensure proper model. If the car is not listed, please contact tech@champcar.org.

Remember! If in doubt, email tech@champcar.org.

Input Swap Information:




Original HP:

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