Board of Directors

ChumpCar International Inc. DBA ChampCar Endurance Series Board of Directors

Michael Chisek, President (Dec 2024)

Doc Waldrop, Secretary (Dec 2023)

Jerry Enger, Treasurer (Dec 2022)

Tyler Pedersen (Dec 2023)

Bruce Mills (Dec 2022)

Tiffany Alexander (Dec 2024)

Chris Huggins (Dec 2024)

BOD terms are three (3) years. Elections are held in the fall of the listed year. The term starts in January of the following year.
ChumpCar International Inc. DBA ChampCar endurance Series – Bylaws
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2018 Financial Reports
2017 Financial Reports

BCCR Update and Petition Process:

  • The Basic Club and Competition Rules (BCCR) shall be updated annually and released to the membership on 1 September of every year.
  • The updated BCCR, released on 1 September, shall take full effect on 1 January of the following year, thereby providing a minimum of 4 months' notice and action time for any change.
  • The membership may petition the Board of Directors for amendments to the BCCR, under the following guidelines and requirements: See the form for more

Click this link to start the petition process:

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