Board of Directors

ChumpCar International, Inc. Board of Directors

ChumpCar International Inc. DBA ChampCar Endurance Series Board of Directors

  • Justin Andress (Dec '24) - Board Chair
  • John Wittenauer (Dec '26) - Board Secretary
  • Michael Coleman (Dec '25) - Board Treasurer
  • Rodger Coan (Dec '25) - Vice-Chair
  • Ray Franck (Dec '24)
  • Frank Rehnelt (Dec '24)
  • David Kicak (Dec '26)

BOD terms are three (3) years. Elections are held in the fall of the listed year. The term starts in January of the following year.

Meeting Minutes

Meeting minutes library. To contact the BOD please email

ChumpCar International Inc. Bylaws

ChumpCar International Inc. DBA ChampCar endurance Series – Bylaws

2023 BOD Annual Meeting Slides

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2024 BCCR Petitions

BOD Petition Vote Tally

Board Annual Meeting Broadcast to YouTube

Financial Reports - History

BCCR Update and Petition Process:

  • The Basic Club and Competition Rules (BCCR) shall be updated annually and released to the membership on 1 September of every year.
  • The updated BCCR, released on 1 September, shall take full effect on 1 January of the following year, thereby providing a minimum of 4 months' notice and action time for any change.
  • The membership may petition the Board of Directors for amendments to the BCCR, under the following guidelines and requirements: See the form for more info

Click this link to start the petition process:


Technical Advisory Committee (TAC)

The ChampCar Endurance Series Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) was formed in August 2018. This committee was formed to help to advise the CEO of ChampCar Endurance Series, Tech Staff, and the Board of Directors on technical items within the organization. You can work with the TAC to submit petitions on an annual basis for rule changes. Please feel free to reach out to any of the members listed below for any clarification or if you see a need for a rule change.
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  • Rodger Coan / Ray Franck - TAC Leads
  • Joshua Jach
  • Andrew Johnson
  • Grant Beaty
  • Rob Greenwood
  • Ben Schaut
  • Evan Horner
  • Mike Coppola

Corporate Calendar

Due dates

As ChampCar is a business, we have some important business deadlines that have to be met so that we can best serve our membership.
The following deadline dates have been set by the ChampCar Endurance Series Board of Directors.
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  • BCCR and Board terms begin: January 1st
  • Member rule change petitions due to us: February 28
  • VPI Q1: March 31st
  • Member rule change petitions summary due to members for comment: March 31
  • Member rule change petitions comments due back to Board: April 30th
  • ChumpCar International financials due: April 30
  • VPI Q2: June 30th
  • Annual board of directors meeting: varies
  • Next Years BCCR published: September 1st
  • VPI Q3 and Board seat nominations due: September 30
  • New event schedule due: October 1
  • Next Years VPI published: October 1
  • Board of directors seat election begins: November 1
  • Board of directors seats announced: December 15th
  • VPI Q4: December 31

Corporate / Business Contact: | Phone: 01.812.431.7716
Marketing / Media Contact: | Phone: 01.434.996.6721
Corporate Address:
P.O. Box 16, Piney River, VA USA 22964-0016

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ChumpCar International, Inc. is a not for profit recreational club organization

ChampCar Endurance Series is organized exclusively for pleasure, recreation, and other nonprofitable purposes within the meaning of Internal Revenue Code section 501(c)(7) or the corresponding provision of any future United States internal revenue law, where substantially all of the corporation’s activities are for such purposes, and no part of the net earnings of the corporation inures to the benefit of any private shareholder.

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