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ChumpCar World Series founded by John Condren with the goal of making endurance auto racing affordable for all. ChumpCar was a play on words named after the defunct Champ Car World Series. The initial concept was an endurance racing series for cars of $500 in value or less similar to the 24 Hours of LeMons endurance racing series.

ChumpCar World Series logo

ChumpCar's first race event

Portland International Raceway was the venue for the very first ChumpCar race weekend. ChumpCar hosted nine events across the United States at tracks that included Texas Motor Speedway, Iowa Speedway, Portland International Raceway, Hallett Motor Racing Circuit, and Putnam Park. ChumpCar's first promo video

1st race at Portland

First east coast race at Rockingham Speedway. Homestead-Miami, first appearance of the fan favorite, the Infiniti Shark Car.

The Infiniti Shark Car

ChumpCar holds the first 24-hour race at Virginia International Raceway. NASCAR racing legend Tony Stewart races his Chevy, but the ExFed VW wins overall by 14 laps. John Condren implements MOV after VIR event.

NASCAR Legend Tony Stewart's Chevy

ChumpCar’s popularity grows, and as the series scheduled over 40 events across North America at some of the best-known road racing venues on the North American continent. John Condren’s idea of a simple path to real affordable road racing is exceeding expectations.

John Condren with his ChumpBucks.

ChumpCar get's its first title sponsor with Optima Batteries.

ChumpCar World Series Presented by Optima Batteries

2014 marked the end of the ever popular AIV and the $500 formula. The new value was changed to points with a max zero lap car being 500 points. A point value was assigned to each vehicle based on it's performance by the CEO. Additional performance parts were also given point values.

ChumpCar reformed as a membership driven club, and 501(c)7 tax exempt organization. Robert Mink is the CEO and board chair.

Bob Mink becomes the first ChumpCar International, inc CEO

Mike Chisek becomes the COO of ChumpCar and starts off by making his 1st video, what would later become known as the Rad Flag Videos.

Mike Chisek becomes ChumpCar International, inc CEO and board chair

New Title Sponsor

Long time ChumpCar racers RVA Graphics and Wraps join ChumpCar in 2017 as the new title sponsor for the series. ChumpCar Promo Video

ChumpCar World Series presented by RVA Graphics and Wraps is born when Paul Veltum, Bill Strong, and Aaron Lester stream the 14-Hours of Road Atlanta from start to finish. ChumpCar featured in //Drive on NBC

1st ChumpCast show


ChumpCar World Series adopts the name ChampCar Endurance Series and filed for trademark rights after receiving the blessings from the IRL to use the name. A registered trademark was granted by the USPTO on August 28, 2018. Change video released Thanksgiving weekend.

ChumpCar World series is now ChampCar Endurance Series

2018 BCCR goes into effect. 2020 ChampCar BCCR

The BCCR for 2018

TireRack becomes the title sponsor of ChampCar. With 29 events on its calendar, the 10th season of the ChampCar Endurance Series was gearing up to be the best one yet. The biggest addition the year? announced that they will be the title sponsor for this year’s Champcar Endurance Series.
ChampCar 2019 BCCR

The ChampCar Endurance Series

ChampCar Races at Indy!

The ChampCar Endurance Series races at the famed Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The event sells out in 19-minutes! Team Jackie Ickx Mitsubishi takes the checkered flag of the 1st 10-Hour race while Premium Dudes BMW wins at Sundays 10-Hour.

ChampCar races at Indy!

ChampCar starts the 2020 year off with 4 of its first 6 events sold out.
ChampCar 2020 BCCR

The 2020 BCCR

The world stops for the pandemic.

After the Harris Hill Spring Double 8+7 Hour Enduro came to a finish, and as staff was flying and driving home, the world began to shut down. The COVID-19 pandemic caused auto racing everywhere to come to a halt.


eRacing gains traffic as tracks start shutting down.

The three year old ChampCar iRacing League comes into its own. With racing shut down, the CCiRL is packed with racers trying to keep their driving skills up to date while strugling with having to stay away from real tracks.

ChampCar eRacing

Return to racing as IMSA opens up Daytona for ChampCar.

ChampCar returns to racing at Willow Springs in California, and then a week later IMSA opens up the July 4th weekend with ChampCar at Daytona. No one dares to tell IMSA that ChampCars now have fenders.

IMSA and CHampCar at Daytona

New leadership. Long time event director Dana Morrison takes over as CEO/ President of ChampCar.

Dana Morrison

Richard "Doc" Waldrop, Board Secretary, ChampCar Live color commentator, and Brew Krewe BMW team owner passes away. ChampCar Forum Tribute - PDF Version

Inside ChampCar Podcast begins with Brian Bielanski and Bill Strong as hosts. CEO Dana Morrison is the first guest.

Chelsey Vickery named Executive Director after the Dana Morrison resigns. Bill Strong named Director of Operations.

Chelsey Vickery

ChampCar/ChumpCar BCR/BCCR Rules Archive

Looking for what it was like in the olden days of affordable endurance racing? Well, here ya go. These are not meant to be used to build a car and are only uploaded for fun and amusement. The 2014-2016 BCR was made to try and control the changes that were happening in our sport. It kinda worked, but a new BCR was released in 2015 to address safety issues and some other performance issues.

ChampCar / ChumpCar All-Time Winners

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