Vehicle Performance Index

All competing vehicles will be assigned a Vehicle Performance Index (VPi) by ChampCar. The Vehicle Performance Index is a POINT value that is developed and based on the General Market Value of your car... PLUS... a Performance Evaluation of your car. While some vehicles may have a very low General Market Value, they have a very high Performance Value. Similarly, some vehicles may have a very high General Market Value, but they are considered gutless-wonders. ChampCar maintains a database of both market value and performance information to develop the Vehicle Performance Index. In order to compete, all vehicles must maintain a Vehicle Performance Index of 500 POINTS or less, as described in the ChampCar's Basic Club & Competition Rules (BCCR); or, maintain a Vehicle Performance Index of between 500 and 1,000 POINTS with the understanding that these vehicles will receive penalty laps.
Updated 1/3/2021 by Bill Strong

UPDATE 1/19/2021
The calculator is currently turned off. Please use the PDF downloads to find your cars VPI value.

2021 VPI Table Early 19xx-1999

2021 VPI Table Late 2000-20xx

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