2023 Mazda Motorsports

New program support highlights the contingency awards enhancements
In club racing and autocross, many auto manufacturers pay contingency awards, though not all. Of those who do, the philosophy has largely been to pay just the winner or, perhaps, the podium. Manufacturers want wins and podiums to be able to showcase.

Mazda Miata at Barber Motorsport Park 2020

Mazda is different.

It wants to showcase the talented Mazda racers, but it also rewards many racers who finish deeper in the fields. In 2017, Mazda began paying deeper in the fields – often the top five finishing positions. In 2018, Mazda paid a little deeper overall. In 2019, it further expanded its awards to racers in endurance racing - ChampCar, and World Racing League (WRL). In all, Mazda has nearly doubled the number of racers it pays contingency awards to compared to three-plus years ago. In addition to the expansion of payouts, Mazda introduced the “Mazda Collection” line, which features premium apparel and accessories. The Mazda Motorsports contingency program, starting in 2019, offered many racers the opportunity to earn rewards points, often as bonuses, to help them acquire merchandise from the Mazda Collection, as well as to acquire competition parts. And beginning in 2020, Mazda will focus some of the contingency awards on new programs, and bolstering select existing program – Spec MX-5, SCCA Time Trials, Teen Mazda Challenge, and others. For 2023 Mazda has simplified payouts to all Mazda Powered Mazda race cars by paying out cash to both Miata/MX5 and other Mazda race cars.

ChampCar Payout Requirements

Mazda will award the contingency to the car owner (one individual per car), who will submit necessary information listed on the "Official Request Form" found on mazdamotorsports.com. Mazda cannot split up payment between multiple people.

In ChampCar, if the requirements for full payout are not met with the reductions resulting in the racers earning fewer than 20 points, cash (prepaid card) is optional. For every point earned (i.e. under 20), Mazda will apply $15 (e.g., if 10 points were earned, Mazda would award $150 to the racer). The racer is to indicate this in his or her official request form.
Contingency awards for point championships in ChampCar will culminate in 2024 after the championship at TBD. For those Mazda contingency award winners who earn points they will receive an extension for when they can use it.

ChampCar Requirements

  • Mazda competitor must compete in at least four races
  • If Mazda competitor competes in three races, award amount is reduced by 50%
  • If Mazda competitor competes in one or two races, award amount is reduced by 80%
  • Only Mazda powered Mazda vehicles are allowed.
  • Mazda decals must be displayed on the car per the program instructions.

2022 Mazda Contingency

Programs - https://www.mazdamotorsports.com/contingency-programs/

Mazda Contingency Program 2023 PDF - https://www.mazdamotorsports.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/01/Mazda-Contingency-Program-2023.pdf

Mazda Contingency Program 2022 PDF - http://www.mazdamotorsports.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/12/2022-Mazda-Contingency-Program.pdf

Mazda ChampCar Results - https://champcar.org/register/mazdaresults.php

2022 ChampCar Endurance Series National Champions - Mazda

Non-Miata Racer Payment

  1. Hong North Mazda MX3 Wins the Mazda Championship 4-races completed $1500
  2. Rotary Rocketeers - 6 races completed - $1000
  3. 3-10 no entries

A-Class Miata Racer Payment

  1. Valyrian Steel - 9-races completed 125 points (valued at ~$1875)
  2. MomoChamp - 8-races completed 75 points (valued at ~$1125)
  3. 45th Parallel Motorsports - 9-races completed 50 points (valued at ~$750)
  4. Black Aero - 3 races completed 40 points (valued at ~$600)/ 50% = $300
  5. Open Throttle Racing - Reddy - 4 races completed 35 points (valued at ~$525)

B-Class Miata Racer Payment

  1. Lonestar Rallycross - 5 races completed - 125 points (valued at ~$1875)
  2. AOA #155 - 1 race completed - 75 points (valued at ~$1125)-80%=$225
  3. AOA #585 - 4 races completed - 50 points (valued at ~$750)
  4. Average Joes #121 7-races completed - 40 points (valued at ~$600)
  5. no finisher