ChampCar Regional and National Championships

ChampCar Championship Standings


1.5.1. An annual National Championship event will be held at a track designated by the CEO. In order to qualify for the National Championship, a ChampCar team must:

A. Finish in the top 75 in points for the previous season.

B. Teams must compete in at least two (2) event weekends.

1.5.2. The winner of the National Championship:

A. All qualified teams carry their top two (2) season finish points into the Championship to be used for seeding purposes.

B. Championship is a winner take all event. Win the race to win the Championship.

1.5.3. Bring the same car you raced to qualify for the Championship. If a Championship qualified car is totaled during the season, a replacement car can take its place in the Championship provided the new car is the same generation make, model and options as the original qualified car. The new car must be inspected by ChampCar tech and approved as the qualified replacement.

1.5.4. A minimum of TWO (2) original team drivers from one or both qualifying races must complete at least one championship race lap.
1.5.5. Championship events are NOT exclusive, anyone can enter.


1.6.1. One point per finishing position will be awarded to all competing teams. For example, 1 point for 1st, 2 points for 2nd, 3 points for 3rd, etc.
1.6.2. Points will be calculated based on the top two (2) finishes for each team. All other finishes will be dropped.

2024 National Championship Standings

Showing teams which have met the two event prerequisite.

2023 National Championship Standings

Showing teams which have met 2 event prerequisite

2022 ChampCar Endurance Series National Championship Final Standings

Click to download the final standings

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