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The ChampCar Endurance Series® is a non-profit motorsports membership organization created to give average people the opportunity to race wheel-to-wheel on a budget. The series has evolved from its humble beginnings as a loosely run, “tongue-in-cheek” race enthusiast’s association to a structured organization of grassroots heroes in amateur endurance motorsports.
To represent the evolution of ChampCar® in a visual manner, graphic elements express a clean, professional, refinement of brand personality.
To maintain the authenticity our membership values the brand characteristics retains expressions of camaraderie, value, competition, customer service, simple rules, accessibility, diversity, low barriers of entry, track time/seat time, challenges, affordability, and fun!
Keeping a well-rounded and consistent brand is crucial in an industry filled with many logos and brands with similar graphics and colors. The brand elements and guidelines in the following document and webpage have been carefully structured to communicate the core values and the key message of the brand to the target industry.

Following these guidelines will increase credibility, brand recognition and loyalty on a local, national, and global level.
The graphics and logos posted here are intended for the sole use of ChampCar Endurance Series® members and official partners.
Use of these images by any commercial entity without the express written permission of the ChampCar Endurance Series® is prohibited.
The graphics and logos included on this site, whether obtained here or in any other manner, may not be used in the creation of merchandise or wearable items.

All graphics and logos remain the trademark of ChumpCar® International Inc. dba ChampCar Endurance Series®.
All materials bearing the ChampCar Endurance Series mark or graphics relating to the ChampCar Endurance Series are subject to prior approval before posting, publishing, printing, etc.

If you have a piece that bears our mark, please send a final proof to our marketing department for final approval at: Email a PDF of the final art or graphics to
Or you can mail a PDF copy to ChampCar Endurance Series® 116 Mountain View Ln, Arrington, Va 22922. If you agree to the above statements, you may continue below.

Please start by downloading and reviewing the Official ChampCar Endurance Series® Style Sheet.

Style Guide
Style Guide

Logo Downloads – Please email to request vector images.
Please include how you want to use the graphics.
The following graphics are approved for personal, team, and sponsor social media, websites. Any other use needs prior artwork approval by the ChampCar marketing department.
Standard ChampCar Graphics For use with vendor websites and social media.