Race Control Logs & Marching Ants

Race Control Log
The ChampCar Endurance Series race log is a Google Spreadsheet that contains information about the races in the series. The spreadsheet is updated live during each race, so you can always get the latest information. The spreadsheet is also a great resource for historical information about the ChampCar Endurance Series.

Marching Ants
The Flagtronics rapid, wireless in-car, and trackside sign board displays offer notification of changing course and sector conditions. Safety officials can have added peace of mind knowing that drivers have been notified of hazards on course.

Marching Ants YouTube Playlist - Find past and Current video inks - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL9H2L9PBtH7SWEuth_3HEUpu_K87-Qx61

The Flagtronics Race Flagging system has been developed in coordination with the ChampCar Endurance Series and has seen thousands of miles of extensive testing, refinement, and validation at their events.
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